Legend of the Satan Killer - Science Fiction by Mike Dawson


A “wiz-kid”—named ThirdSon, has gained the favor of powerful noble beings masquerading as clouds down by a hidden river. These beings are powerful enough to threaten Satan. But as ThirdSon is about to discover, they represent an equal threat to his home planet, EARTH!

A unique, unforgettable adventure story. A fifty-year saga of self-revelation, of time, and mind-to-mind travels I invented called "descent travel location." I have visited far unimaginable domains, held dialog with soul piercing beings, stared face-to-face into the black eyes of evil, encountered many entities some powerful, some wise.


Earth’s sun is not the largest in the universe; our sun is a dot compared to other suns; likewise, Satan’s power is minuscule compared to what I have seen in deep space. There are things in the vast universe, heading toward our galaxy.

I was born with a natural Third Eye; I could see living shadows moving sinisterly near my bed at night—they are the true cause of sleep paralysis. Physical evil among us.

These supernatural entities have no covenant with man. Once they arrive, our galaxy including Earth will be at risk. My Third Eye connected with their minds—I see what they see; hear what they hear; looking into their eyes I see the unseen, danger is approaching.

Of all the most astonishing things, I saw with my Third Eye…
One night while lying on my back looking up at the night sky, my Third Eye opened, which allowed me to see the unseen.

Earth has six populated moons, one is larger than Earth. The non-populated moon seen with the naked eye is the smallest of the cluster. The other five moons are invisible to human sight. These moons are heavily populated by horrendous nocturnal beings called Ma-ca-ta—or throughout history and in many cultures known as “The Boogiemen.” At night, they descend to Earth en masse by the millions.

Over time, I slowly allowed myself to believe the things that I experienced in Third Eye dreams, really happened. I began to analyze and accept the many strange experiences—the arrival of the angry hosts that invaded my bedroom one morning—to deliver me a most stern message, the all mighty beings masquerading as clouds down by a mysterious river that shared unwritten wisdom of nature, the time I was staring face to face into two deep dark eyes of physical evil kneeling at my bedside; my left wrist held firmly in his grip. Even at this writing, I had a small sense of denial about these truths—until I happened upon one called… “the DayStar.”

During my descent travels DayStar summoned “Aix."
Aix slowly floated out of an invisible abyss, gliding slowly toward my direction. After several minutes of silence, Aix was simultaneously, cleverly manipulated vertical bands of shadows to conceal, and reveal only what it wanted me to see…“dreams, and shadows are reality” he whispered.

But I am in deep waters now, I am allowing my mind to embrace things I have long denied and fought, unseen things, cryptic symbols, strange entities. All my life I could see a parallel reality that made me hesitate every time the thought of going deeper into a descent entered my mind. Thirty years ago I recalled a dream about a fish with a man’s eye; the fish warned me that it was near time for me to “step out into the deeper waters.”

So deeper I went. In one of my many descent explorations into other worlds, I would stumble upon a most fearsome beast.

My whole life, I constantly lived with many unanswered questions; Why was I terrorized as a child by nocturnal creatures that invade my bedroom at night? Why did the strange clouds down by the river share many hidden truth? Why did a garrison of powerful beings invade my room one morning? Why am I allowed to see esoteric symbols of the unknown? More perplexing, how am I connected to those animated all wise clouds? How are the evil empires I discovered high above Earth my brother?

In seeking answers to these questions, my fifty-year long saga would lead me across many galaxies, transcend through a multitude of dimensions using a method of travel I invented called “descent level location."

My excursions into unknown hidden domains begin long ago starting with the strange evil intruder standing in the darkest corners of my bedroom at night. My lifelong quest will lead to a surprising revelation of my connection to the mysterious cloud formations that reside down by the hidden river.

Earth must deal with four greater evils, three are already here. It is the imminent arrival of the fourth which can best be described as the arrival of many storms. Earth is in the eye of oblivion.

Enter the Satan Killers.

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