Lily and the Animal Choir by Ayala Saar

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Lily's Adventure-Animal story teaches children about courage, the benefits of determination, and to not judge a book by its cover.
Lily the goat loves to sing—and so do her goat friends!
One day, as they’re walking through the woods, Lily and the other goats discover several different choirs that they would love to join. But the animals in the choir only laugh at the goats and make fun of their bleating.

Lily and her friends begin to wonder if any chorus will ever accept them for who they are. Then, just when they are feeling most discouraged, but did not give up, they come across a wonderful surprise….

This beautiful original and fresh children's book is a great choice for a read aloud or bedtime story.

Lily’s rhyming bedtime story is sure to touch the hearts of even the youngest of readers, and perfect for beginner and early readers!

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