Stock Market Hack - a humorous coming of age novel by Jeff Isaacson

Free from 8/8/15 through 8/12/15

This dazzling mix of humor, crime, teenage awkwardness, and accidental philosophy revolving around three tech savvy teens who hack the New York Stock Exchange is already being described as a "masterpiece".

This first book in the East Bay Series is a thought provoking and humorous coming of age tale.  Narrated with wit and candor by Eric, a likable geek, this book tells his story and the story of his two best friends, fellow tech savvy teens Robert and Anton.  The three teens manage hack into the New York Stock Exchange as part of a prank.  It isn't long before the prank goes horribly awry leaving a simple computer program the teens created that generates stock values nearly at random in place of the real stock market.

As the computer program continues to fool traders, analysts, and investors, and function as the stock market for days, the teens begin to question everything.  They question authority.  They questions themselves.  They question if everything is really just a random and meaningless jumble that only seems to have order.  Most of all, they question if they are going to jail at the end of all of this

"Funny, Smart, & Unpredictable" the voice of the narrator shines!  This book is a fun and thoughtful read for both young adults and the young at heart.

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