Alpha Male Sub - erotic fiction by D.E. Thomas

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Alpha Male Sub by D. E. Thomas is one-part erotica, one-part drama, and all-parts compelling. A male author with a male POV storyline takes you into the mindset of the main character. David Sutherland is a dominant young man who becomes damaged by personal trauma and we witness him fighting for emotional stability and mental control as they begin to slip further away from him. Should he give up and surrender to the feelings of helplessness instead of constantly fighting to maintain via any self-destructive means necessary? In his early 30s, David is a literature professor with a kinky and voyeuristic alter-ego: Mr. Hart. He dominates as Mr. Hart, but as Professor Sutherland, he is spiralling out of control. About to lose everything in his life he worked so hard to build and feeling incapable of preventing it all going to hell, David has no idea what to do next. Can David find a way through the pain of a traumatic event to reach a new place of resolution, understanding, and control?‎ This story has been described by readers as beautiful, heartwrenching, sexy, edgy, smart, unexpected, and dramatic. Reading Alpha Male Sub may even have you wondering: what would you do to lessen the pain if you were in David's place?

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