Champions of Light - A Science Fiction novel by James Hutchison

When a Hunter Priest is brought back into the fold of the Holy Church, he must wrestle his personal demons and overcome his past failures to take on his most dangerous mission yet. But returning from such a long excommunication takes its toll on the mind. Some say he fell from grace as hard as the very Fallen Angels he once fought in the name of the Sacred Cult, and returning is only a small part of his new mission. He must either to choose to purify his mind from those mistakes and take a chance of losing his mind entirely, or instead keep them, and risk being blinded by the love he once kept secret.

No matter his choice, there is no doubt that there is no greater service he has ever, or will ever perform in the name of Heaven than this. He has banished demons, fought the Fallen, and recovered many ancient artifacts of power for the Cult of the Sacred Relics, but it was that love that brought him low and finally defeated him.

Will he embrace the grand plot as he did when he was a young priest, and fight the evil that threatens all life with the same passion and fervor? Or, will he let the demons of his past obscure his vision and let his friends die in vain?

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