Connected - A YA Paranormal Romance by Kat Stiles

​Em knows high school is difficult— freshman year introduced her to all the cliques and annoying teachers. But tracking down a telepathic serial killer using her newfound ability to heal? Not exactly what she had in mind for extracurricular activities.

Strange things are happening in Cannondale. A car hits Em and she walks away unharmed, her best friend Roz has unusual dreams that come true, and the new boy, Tommy, hears the softest whispers in class. With the help of the mysterious school nurse, Em discovers the amazing truth—she’s not the only one with super-powers.

As Em falls for Tommy, she has to contend with not only her overprotective psycho sister, but also her own emotional confusion about love. The shrink isn’t helping – besides being totally creepy, her doctor always gives her the worst migraines.

The situation turns grim when new victims are murdered. Can the serial killer be stopped, before one of them is the next victim?

Fans of the show “Heroes” as well as Twilight series fans will enjoy Connected. It’s a fun blend of mystery, super powers and romance, set in a small Texas town.

About the Author

Kat Stiles is originally a Jersey girl, and now lives in sunny Texas with a twang-free accent, two amazing children and the man of her dreams. For her job that pays the bills she works as a database administrator (SQL Server). Connected is her debut novel, and the exciting sequel is on its way.

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