Cooking with Your Dog - a pet cookbook by Morgan Raye

Oh, no… kibble again?  Don’t do that!  Why not whip up a Doggie Pizza that will have him drooling?  Or some Stuffed Ravioli?  Or, if you have a happening, hipster dog, how about a raw meat or vegetarian meal?  And those dry, crumbly treats in a bag you get from the store?  Doesn’t a Peanut Butter Bacon Bomb sound more appetizing?  Or an Apple Cinnamon Twist?

“Cooking with Your Dog” is jam-packed with hundreds of easy, healthy, and tasty recipes that your furry friend is sure to love.  There is everything from biscuits, desserts, and frozen treats, to entire meals and healthy snacks.  There are even bonus sections on home remedies, weight, puppy care, and more!

All of the recipes in this book have been thoroughly taste-tested by experts in their field who painstakingly watched over the cooking process, waiting for food to drop on the floor, and then went above and beyond by guarding the oven door in case a cookie or biscuit might try to make a break for it.  They willingly gave of their noses and taste buds to collaborate on this book and have given their paw print of approval.

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