Diary of a Stressed Out Mother - a hilarious first novel by Nicola Kelsall

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"Brilliant, I laughed all the way through it, a great antidote to my life as a mother. Very clever, witty writing that is fast paced. A highly entertaining read."  Amazon reviewer

If you are looking for an intelligently written, extremely funny book to immerse yourself in, then this is the perfect book for you! Nicola Kelsall's beleaguered heroine, Dora Loveday records the chaos and madness of her family life in this tremendously entertaining diary. All stressed out mothers and fathers will relate to the ups and downs of Dora's crazy life, and will be secretly relieved to see how connected we all are through our shared experiences, disappointments and aspirations. But this is not just a book about ordinary family life - the Lovedays have an uncanny way of attracting miss fortune by the bucket-load and there is never a dull moment.

Nicola Kelsall has managed to write a witty and tremendously funny book, whilst retaining enough drama to make it an absolute page turner. Watch out for the sequel!

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