Finding Elizabeth by Taylor Fenner

When 18-year-old Nate meets Elizabeth, a lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette, during the height of the French Revolution he has no idea that his entire life is about to change. They fall in love only to be tragically ripped apart during the September Massacre of 1792.

By fate, miracle, or magic Nate reincarnates more than two hundred years later in Brookfield, Wisconsin with the sole purpose of finding his lost love Elizabeth and changing their fate. He’s been searching for her his entire life and when he finally locates her he realizes that finding her is the easy part. Keeping her will be a completely different matter. Elizabeth has no memory of the past life they shared together until she begins being tormented by vivid dreams. Soon they both become swept up in the past and each other. Their happiness is once more threatened by Elizabeth’s mobster ex-boyfriend and Nate’s disapproving friends Darcy and Jake. They must stick together to overcome the obstacles trying to rip them apart with the help of Elizabeth’s friends Luciana, Surewood, and Belinda.

Things get messier when Elizabeth begins to remember a dark new past life she shared with Nate; as well as with her ex, Anton, who refuses to let her go without a fight. But Nate and Elizabeth must ask is there someone else pulling the strings with Anton? Someone who is more sinister and dangerous than they can even imagine? Will Nate and Elizabeth ever get their happy ending?

A young adult paranormal romance filled with reincarnation, vengeful ghosts, witches, and a sexy but disturbed mob prince.

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