Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy - A Romance by Edward Fox

While both Lucky & Lucy turn out to be fun and entertaining people, neither were looking for:
Romance, Intimacy, Sex, Love.

When Lucky met Lucy he certainly didn’t expect to find any of those things. He wasn’t thinking about, or looking for, any of those things. He just wanted something fun and long-term to spend his spare time on. He decided to do real-world research for alien sightings, paranormal, supernatural, and other weird stuff. His plan was to write articles for an online magazine that specialized in this stuff. He was a non-believer in all of this stuff, but thought it could be fun to do the research and write the articles.

Lucy wasn’t thinking about any of those things either (Romance, Intimacy, Sex, Love). All she wanted was to complete her cabin in the woods, and have a nice quiet life with her dog and two horses. But, she had seen some weird things in the woods while riding her horses, and ended up being Lucky's first research project.

While neither was thinking about any of those things, they both unknowingly had a hole in their life that needed to be filled.

Neither of them had any idea they were going to be the perfect fit to fill the other one’s needs. But, many of the best things in life happen purely by mistake…


Warning and spoiler alert: This story is intended for readers 18 years and older. While Lucky & Lucy have a lot of non-sexual fun, the sex, while never crude, becomes explicit as time goes on. If you’re into great romance, building intimacy and great sex, read it and enjoy!

While this book is set up to be a great stand-a-lone read, it is intended to be part of a series (Lucky & Lucy). The ratings of these books will always determine how long the series continues. If you like this book, give it a great rating & review, and I promise I'll take them on their next journey together... :-)

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