Operation Soulmate - A Romantic Comedy by Diane Hall

Free on September 18th and 19th 2015


When psychic medium and semi-recluse, Geraldine Stanley, realises that she’s still single just three months before her thirtieth birthday, she agrees to allow her flatmate, top relationship coach, Ben Wright, to coach her into meeting the man of her dreams. She’s sure that with his much talked about skills as the country’s most celebrated love-coach, he’ll effortlessly guide her into the perfect love-match. But Geraldine has some very unusual and specific requirements on her "list". Ben has never seen a twin-flame checklist before, and Geraldine is unwilling to settle for anything less than the other half of her soul.

Geraldine is quickly caught up in a whirlwind of supervised dating assignments, but only her past life regression therapist, a restless ghost, and a collection of psychic friends know the real reason she has never found 'the one'.

A metaphysical rollercoaster ride, full of modern humour, spiritual teaching, and philosophical questioning.  A spiritual romantic comedy about the complexities of conscious coupling and the fears that haunt anyone who has ever dared to love fully and completely. Laugh, cry and dream your way into a world where all dimensions meet and love never truly ends. And where the enduring beauty of karmic love-ties will connect us to the same souls repeatedly, throughout several lifetimes.

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