"Proximus" Book Two of The Red Skies Incident Series - a post-apocalyptic novel by R.E.Barnes


The Red Skies Incident story continues:

One year after the sky caught fire from Revansky’s failed electromagnetic energy experiment, the world is healing. Ryder and his Bonairean friends are after Revansky. Roland’s own family wants him dead. When they finally meet, they plot to use his technology against him in order to survive with their hard-won independence intact.

During a summer of tranquility, a survey team from a high tech survivalist compound travels the American Plains, encountering the worst of human adaptations to Revansky’s disastrous meddling, this time with nanites. In reaction to another attempt at control gone horribly wrong, nature creates Homo Proximus, the Next Humans, beautiful, libidinous and strangely talented teenagers who fill the vacuum of sterility. Even if they breed, will the next generation still be human? Or something else? Can their amazing Gardens keep them safe from those who wish to exploit them?

From the Colorado Rockies to Iowa to the Caribbean, join a colorful collection of survivalists, techies and teenagers as they navigate an environment where the future belongs to the Changed.

“Proximus” is Book Two of The Red Skies Incident series, a sequel that concludes the story, for now.
For the beginning of the tale, read “The Red Skies Incident” Book One of The Red Skies Incident series, available on Amazon Kindle.

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