Roses - a Romance Suspense by Alison Clifford

Free promotion commences on 10 September 2015

The Kindle edition of Roses will be available free from 10 September to 14 September 2015!

Roses is the first book in the White Rose series. A romance suspense/thriller, the story winds through betrayals, abductions, set-ups, and secret organisations to a final chase that will leave your heart pounding. The sequel to Roses, titled Retribution, will be released in September 2015.

The story of Roses:

Beth’s life is perfect. Newly married to FBI Special Agent Nick Markov and building her career as a forensic botanist, Beth has it all. Until Nick betrays his fellow agents and abandons her.
Beth is left alone to face the devastation of Nick’s lies. Grilled by the FBI, the only person who believes Beth is innocent is Nick’s boss, Assistant Director Warren Pearce. Warren’s work is demanding enough without the complication of his growing attraction to the wife of his fugitive agent. When Beth disappears, the fine line between Warren’s job and his feelings for her becomes impossible to maintain.

Will Beth forgive Nick for breaking her heart? Will Warren choose the path of duty, or fight for Beth’s love? In a world of danger and deceit, who will survive and who will triumph?

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