The Average Girl - A romantic comedy by Angelina Goode

Olivia Fowler, helper of the star-struck, runs a successful business helping average people meet celebrities in everyday ways. Flawless at what she does, the celebrities don’t have a clue they’re part of a pre-planned meeting. Business is booming and Olivia knows everything there is to know about Hollywood’s famous and their behavior. Her clients trust her because she is just like them, not famous. She understands how her clients feel because she clearly remembers the pound of the heart and the rush of emotions that she felt when she met her favorite celebrity… and the let down when she realized she was just another fan.

But when Olivia accidentally meets the uber-famous Alexander Young at the grocery store, her world is flipped upside-down. She can’t possibly resist those charming eyes and sexy arms. Soon she finds herself alternating between a world of tabloids and adoring fanatics, and a world where learning the proper red carpet etiquette is essential. As their romance blossoms and Alexander shows Olivia that celebrities aren’t always all glitter and no gold, Olivia learns she may not know as much as she thought she did about celebrities and their ways.

Then Olivia’s most important and loyal client unsuspectingly requests to meet the famous Alexander. Can Olivia pull the meeting off without Alexander knowing? Or is it too much to risk her growing feelings for Alexander? Olivia is almost convinced that he will understand the passion that drives her work… until an unfortunate run-in with the paparazzi that leaves her doubting him. Now Olivia is forced to choose between her love and her business.

Will Olivia be able to keep her surreptitious matchmaking and booming business a secret from her soon-to-be boyfriend? Will her clients still trust her if she is no longer the average girl?

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