The Blueshifters - A science fiction suspense series by Victoria Jeffrey

Dan, Jack and Mary are young people with one thing in common - they have special gifts few others have. Living lives of fear and loneliness, they are brought together through the efforts of a mysterious benefactor who trains them about how to understand who they are and how to wield their mental abilities. With their benefactor's help they form a team and call themselves the blueshifters. They must confront what they are if they are to confront the bleak future that awaits humanity. There are those, called The Others who hide in plain sight, and they have been on Earth for a long time, patiently engineering the destruction of the human race so they can populate it with their own kind. With the help of their mysterious instructor, a humble bookshop owner and their own budding abilities, they prepare to fight the enemies of the human race, The Others. But will this be enough?

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