The Edge Up - Using Customer Service as a Competitive Advantage

Are you looking for ways to motivate your customer service team to serve your customers better? 
Are you looking for customer service training ideas? 
Get your copy of The Edge Up, Second Edition (non fiction) NOW! 

Author June Van Klaveren draws upon her decades of professional experience and expertise in helping service related companies attract and expand their customer base in this helpful book.

These past couple of decades of corporate downsizing and outsourcing has resulted in a surge of small businesses and home-based businesses being formed, often by people who are technically expert or knowledgeable in a particular field--but not in the basics of customer service. They may not realize the vital role it plays in making or breaking any commercial venture.

The Edge Up is a perfect introduction and a very highly recommended crash course in just that particular area of any commercial enterprise regardless of the type or category of service being offered in a highly competitive market place. Get yours now!

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