The Embryos - a thriller by Andrea Johnson

The darkest journey in the human soul, can be a mother’s worst nightmare.

In every family, there are secrets. Hidden details of our lives that we would do anything to keep from being discovered. But what if you didn’t know that there was something inside of you? Something that has lain in the dark and forgotten spaces of your mind, and if revealed, could destroy everything you ever held dear? For Angela Williams, a strong and independent news reporter from Philadelphia, a woman sure of her path and place in life, is about to find out what happens when you ignore something called….instincts.

Angela Williams is a mother of two teenagers, her husband Jeff is a burnt out fireman, and between the two of them, they are never home for their children. But in all of her accomplishments, Angela has never lost focus or allowed herself a moment to wonder. To ask herself if there was ever something that she was doing wrong. None of it had ever seemed to matter. Until the day when Angela will finally see that in all her accomplishments, and all of her goals, she had hidden away a very important part of her life. And when she is forced to open her eyes, in a place surrounded by strange people that wants what she has, what she discovers about herself will change everything.

But unfortunately, her dark revelation may come too late to save her children from the hidden disease that has lived within her all these years.  And in a place called Oakwood Village, her deeply buried secret will give new meaning to the word….family.

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