The Great Diet Deception - a nonfiction/health book by Zak Roedde

"You need to restrict foods such as sugar, salt, saturated fat, grains, and animal products."
"You need to drink fluids beyond thirst, restrict calories below hunger levels, and exercise daily"
"You need to eat unpalatable health foods like raw vegetables, chia seeds, and kale smoothies."

These are some of the common solutions that 'experts' give us to achieve our health, energy, and weight loss goals. But what they fail to mention is that this advice is based on short-term inconclusive science, bogus human history, and misunderstood human biology. They don't tell you that these diet rules are nothing more than temporary band-aid solutions which only address symptoms but not the root cause.  And they don't tell you that taking their advice while ignoring your body's cravings, taste-buds, and thirst and hunger signals will ironically lead to worsened health and weight gain long-term.

In 'The Great Diet Deception' you will learn about how I destroyed my health by taking the advice of these so-called 'experts' and chasing short term results. You will also learn the real root causes of ill-health that I eventually discovered, and how to easily avoid them. Finally, you will learn how I fully recovered and achieved all of my health goals, and how you can too... by eating as much as you want and eating the foods that you love. Good health is way simpler than we have been led to believe!

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