The Humming Bird by The de Wardin Sisters (Isabella and Irena de Wardin)

Downtown boy meets uptown girl? It’s a classic, and we love it. Despite the fact that leading a double life will be necessary, forced marriage is still very much in vogue, and war is pending….

In the world of Voskia, rebellious duchess Maria Langlord leads a double life. Pursued by the most perverted and richest man in the country, she splits her time between her pampered life at home and secret ballet lessons in Unsettled Town, a district densely populated by Romanies. At her nineteenth birthday's ball, Maria is intrigued by the performance of a Romani violinist. But it seems the musician is an imposter who manages to escape before carrying out his threat to kiss Maria if he is not granted freedom. Still, Maria is oddly captivated by the unusual man.

Meanwhile, Maria's challenges are just beginning. A dictatorship threatens to take over Voskia, and family secrets are revealed. Maria must choose between supporting her family and country in an era of violence and war and turning against everything she once stood for in order to prepare for a revolution.

Embarking on a dangerous adventure where anything can happen, will Maria's actions make a difference in a world on the brink of genocide?

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