The OMG Test - A romantic comedy by Pippa Franks

Hello, my name is Bailey and I’m the dog on the front cover. My mum wrote the book and she pays money to Dogs Trust each time a book sells. Mum and Dad rescued me from Dogs Trust when I was sad and lonely. Mum says it’s a shame the legs on the cover aren’t hers. I don’t see the problem with her legs. They take me for a walk and that’s all that matters!

Anyway, in the book Olivia, the main character, picks the wrong men. With the help of her friends, OMG (Olivia’s Misunderstood Gang) she devises a test for potential boyfriends. Her current boyfriend, Bradley, was never going to pass. However, shop-fitter Connor is a different story and can’t seem to do anything wrong. At first.

Everything Olivia says and does seems to get her into trouble. If you enjoy fun and farce along with important social issues, you need to read this book! Especially because Olivia gets a rescue dog and he’s based on me! How cool is that?
Hugs and woofs

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