The Peacemaker - a science fiction novel by Casey Dorman

Thrilled by the new discoveries of water and the possibility that our twin planet Mars may someday be able to sustain human life? Will it be an answer to earth’s ecological problems? Now you can read a prophetic science fiction thriller, which raises these very questions as the inhabitants of twin planets, the original population of one planet and those who left 1000 years earlier to develop the second planet,  deal with environmental, racial and territorial conflicts that threaten to destroy both of their homes.

Based upon the principles of deep ecology and biomimicry, The Peacemaker is a visionary view of a future world in which two societies, one which has attuned its lifestyle to the natural environment and the other, which has continued to pursue its profligate disregard of the human effects of global warming and pollution, are pitted against one another.  The societies are on the verge of interplanetary warfare until a charismatic visitor from across the galaxy—The Peacemaker—intervenes to preach a message of pacifism and mutual respect.

“The Peacemaker is, plain and simple, a wake-up call. Rising oceans, temperatures, floods, people and animals forced to flee from their homes… sound familiar? Dorman weaves our reality with a great cast of characters and the likely future, making for an excellent read.”

Riya Anne Polcastro author of Left Behind, Book One

"Dorman's use of biomimicry, inspired by Janine Benyus's book and her continued research on this topic, makes The Peacemaker an original contribution to utopian sci-fi.”

Anca Vlasopolos, author of Walking Toward Solstice

“A rollicking interplanetary adventure, which offers an intelligent vision of an ecologically viable civilization. Could become the inspiration for the next generation of environmental activists.”

  Lost Coast Review

Join the growing group of ecologists, science fiction fans and peace-lovers who are reading The Peacemaker and spreading the word on how to build a world that values the environment and lives without war!

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