The Sheikh - action and adventure by Denis Schulz

Sheikh Rahman al-Kabibble has declared a fatwa legalizing the marriage of Muslim men to girls as young as nine years old because they ‘make’ better sexual companions for adult men than adult women. Private Detective Bernard Piffy has been sent to Gaza to find Yasser Arafat’s secret Fuhrerbunker. They are on a collision course. What happens will involve Hamas, the British Secret Service, St. Anthony (the Patron Saint of Lost Items), three precious preteen girls enrolled in the Osama bin Laden Madrassas for Suicide Bombers as well as former President Jimmy Carter, Che Guevara and Jamaludden the Janitor with the flea in his beard. The private eye penetrates the Madrassas to save the girls from a fate worse than death and there in an amazing twist of fate he comes face to face with Shekh al-Kabibble. The Sheikh is there to act out his dream of marrying a preteen girl. He will find more than he anticipated. He will find the girl of his dreams. It will be exciting! So delighting! It will be Moulin Rouge spectacular! He would be struck dumb with wonderment. There would be Midnight Riders and date rapes. But someone would have to pay the jizya. Bernard Piffy would save the girls and himself from death and destruction in one of the most amazing masquerades in the history of the world.

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