When The Thin Blue Line Begins To Blur - "Memoirs of an Atlanta Police Commanders struggle to maintain accountability within the APD" - by Khalfani B. Yabuku


In light of the increase in tensions between our nations' police departments and the urban communities they serve, this book offers a timely remedy for citizens and officers alike.  The author skillfully takes us on a journey of his struggles to start the healing process from within the walls of the Atlanta Police Department.  Chapter after chapter, he takes us on patrol to    expose the myriad issues which have become systemic practices of law enforcement agencies across the country.  Page after page, through his experiences, he wittingly, and sometimes, humorously offers solutions and answers to long standing issues contributing to the mistrust and lost respect between our nations' domestic heroes and the citizens they're sworn to serve and protect.  Ride along as the author takes us on a 28 years tour of duty which singlehandedly seeks to resolve some of the most prevalent age old problems facing officers and their chain of command; and how agencies execute their oath of office in some of our nations' larger urban communities. This book also offers helpful instructions for all occupations and every type of profession.  This book is more than just “one man’s story”.  It’s a book of remedies and solutions for officers, agency heads and citizens alike.


“Take a raw and rare glimpse inside one of the largest police departments in the country.  Khalfani Yabuku takes you on a tumultuous narrative of his relentless struggle and battle against unethical and often unconstitutional policies and practices of the Atlanta Police Department.  In this often controversial yet eye opening book, the author will take you along on patrol.  Ride along as he meticulously outlines how he faced battle after battle to hold not only himself accountable, but to take the highly unfavorable and sometimes life threatening step of holding other cops accountable to the public they’re sworn to serve and protect.  Experience the ups and downs, the rewards and punishments of maintaining integrity and individuality in the close-knit brotherhood of the Thin Blue Line.  This controversial and provocative book calls every peace officer in the nation to take personal inventory as to what they would and should do when the Thin Blue Line begins to blur…”                                                                                                                      
Detroit Police Chief, retired

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