Who Murdered The Ghost? - A mystery by Ellie Oberth

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Murderers Beware!  Police detectives Hazel Cartbell and Chief Kenneth Rasmussen are on the case.

The police are flooded with reports of ghost sightings at Old Center Cemetery. They'd like to dismiss the witnesses  as party-goers who've had too many drinks, but one of the persistent callers is Sister Marie Catherine. The ninety-two-year-old Catholic nun insists on action, so Hazel and her superior officer, Chief Rasmussen, check out the cemetery only to discover a corpse. Now Hazel is eager to solve her first murder case. They must identify the body and sift through the clues before they can bring a killer to justice.

If only they can discourage the townspeople's help.

"Who Murdered The Ghost by Ellie Oberth introduces a group of very memorable characters...a traditional whodunit with some very untraditional characters." – Evelyn David, author of Murder Off the Books.

This is the first of the Hazel Cartbell light-hearted mystery series set in a small New Hampshire town.

Be sure to check out the second book: Who Murdered the Clown?
Available for preorder (coming December 6, 2015): Who Murdered The Elf?

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