Behind the Lens & Behind the Microphone - True ‘Behind the Scenes’ Television and Radio Stories by Terry Kniess

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It's real, raw, and sometimes raunchy.  These are the events networks and local stations never wanted you to know.  What you see on the tube and hear on the radio seems so well orchestrated but in the studios it can be mayhem.  These stories are about the accidents that DID happen.  From a major network to local newsrooms and radio stations around the country, the truth has now been told.

About the author: 

Two time emmy award winning meteorologist Terry Kniess got certified in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Kniess started out as a radio D.J./air talent before taking his weather skills to television.  At KVBC (now KSNV) Las Vegas he did 3 day a week reporting along with weekend weather.  He moved to his first full-time weather gig at KCEN and worked his way up to the major market of Atlanta before leaving the business.

In addition to television, in every market he worked he maintained a radio gig.

These are his stories and stories he collected along the way.

From the book: 

     Our lovely high profile female anchor/reporter was married to an equally successful dentist in a very large metropolitan area.  Big house, two Beamers, influential friends, money, and success unlimited, they seemed to have it all.

    The anchor/reporter’s dentist husband was very good at filling cavities.  If he found a hole he would fill it.  Not all of the probing and filling was taking place in the dentist’s office.  This dentist made house calls.  He made early morning house calls, afternoon filling work, and when his wife was busy working late, so was he.

     It’s been said that he did some of his best work for free.  When he started drilling and filling one of his wife’s friends it didn’t take long for her to find out about his extracurricular activities.  Putting it mildly his wife was NOT amused.