Biographical Sketches of New York's First 21 Governors - Nonfiction/History by Todd Elzey

New York State's first 21 Governors had a profound impact on the development and growth of the State and Country from 1777-1864. The stories of their extraordinary lives show how the State of New York, and the United States developed from the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. "Biographical Sketches of New York's First 21 Governors" presents the lives of these men in short sketches of approximately 1,000-3,000 words each. Whether you are a student taking a History or Social Studies class, or are simply interested in New York or U.S. History, you will almost certainly learn something new about New York's first 21 Governors, the State of New York's History, or the early history of the United States from reading this book. Perhaps it will be the story of one New York Governor who led troops into battle while serving as Governor.  Or perhaps it will be the story of a New York Governor who defied the South to protect escaped slaves and those who helped them escape.  Or perhaps it will be the stories of the Governors who ensured the completion of the Erie Canal. Or perhaps it will be the story of the Governor who many believe contributed to a major riot in New York City during the Civil War. These are but a few of the many historical discoveries that await in "Biographical Sketches of New York's First 21 Governors", so perhaps your discovery will be something entirely different.