Feline Alchemy - dark urban fantasy by Sue Blake


If you were given the power to change the world – forever – would you dare to try?

"I am Sue Blake and, against my better judgement, I’ve decided to take ownership of this messed-up world of ours. Here are my confessions…
After I was saved from drowning on Christmas Day I accidentally made a deal that sent my whole life veering off the rails. Now I’m in thrall to two strong, bewitching women who call themselves Queens of the Nile. I’m also plagued by wolves, the police and ex-wives. They all want to ruin me.
But I can see a turning point. After all, I’ve got feline alchemy at my disposal. Maybe I can win?"

Feline Alchemy is a quirky paranormal story set in modern-day England, blending dark fantasy with satire and warped romance.

Readers’ comments – 

This is the most well written, well plotted urban fantasy that I’ve read—totally refreshing and full of dark humor, originality and imagination. The novel is in a brilliant original style that incorporates Kafka-esque moments with Henry Miller's stream of consciousness. Review by Howard Lipman—pen name PanOrpheus, author of the Delphic Oracle.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I whipped through the pages. To me, that defines a great and original book. Sue Blake's writing style cuts deep with realism and raw wit. If I had to pull an author out of my hat to compare him with I would have to say Palahniuk or maybe Prunty. Two of my favorites by the way. Review by Craig Furchtenicht, author of Dimebag Bandits.

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