Free to be Me - Christian Inspirational Read by Pastor Joey Bauer

Get it for free 28.10.2015!

Do you feel like being you isn't good enough? Do you think that you have to be somebody different to achieve happiness? Maybe you feel like you just don't add up or you don't matter?

If ANY of these areas apply then, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! "Free to be Me" is a great book on the topic of Individuality. It talks about how God has made you different than anybody else, and how you please God just by being true to who you really are. Maybe you like to do things different than most, God still loves you! Maybe you look, act and talk different than anybody else, God still loves you! You were meant to always be yourself and to be happy with who you are. This is the key to Christian Freedom!

Your Christian Identity is important, because we were not all meant to be the same, so your Christian Individuality has meaning. Be you because being you will be an inspiration to many. This short, seven day Christian devotional will help you understand how you being you is what God meant for you to do. This Christian Devotional can also be used in Christian counseling as well, especially when one in Christian Counseling is having trouble with their self esteem or where they fit in this great big world. Don't take my word for it! Read it for yourself! You'll love it!

Don't conform, just be content. This book will help you realize how special you are and how the personality and life you live, is all part of Gods plan in doing great things! If you are FREE TO BE YOU, than you are Pleasing God!