From Darkness To Diva - LGBT/Biography & Memoir by Skye High

This book isn't about a drag-queen, but rather, it's a journey of real life experiences which many of us have faced throughout life, written by a gay man who happens to be a drag-queen. It's a story which is relevant in today's society as it resonates with many different people, for many different reasons, regardless of one’s own sexuality. From Darkness to Diva is an inspirational journey, which shows that it is possible to overcome extreme adversity and survive those experiences which seem determined to destroy us.

‘In a world where society dictates ‘right’ from ‘wrong’, a young boy struggles with the pressure of living up to the expectations of others. Desperately seeking acceptance and finding only rejection, he is isolated and on the brink of despair. There seems to be no escape from the years of relentless school-ground bullying and victimization he suffers, which at times, is almost too much to bear. He feels as though his spirit has been crushed, but this young scared boy still harbors a burning desire to break free and be true to himself.

Later in life, a tremendous, gut-wrenching loss would set him on another course, and a journey of true self discovery. Armed with the knowledge of his past experiences, his eyes are opened to a wonderland of pleasures, and through determination and sacrifice, he leaves a life of secrecy and sexual defiance behind him. Discovering the world of drag, he becomes more of a man than he thought we would be, and more of a woman he thought he ever could be. From Darkness To Diva is an empowering tale of overcoming fear and insecurity, with an uplifting message of triumph.



The story that's told is as honest as it is inspiring. People really do need to leave their preconceived ideas and notions at the door. I really enjoyed this book because it not only helped me to understand my own childhood decisions, but now I have a renewed outlook on what's happening in my own children's lives. After reading this book and experiencing what the author had been through, more than ever, I can see how important it is to really be true to yourself. Thank you. ~ Kris Thornton, Reader review

This book wasn't what I thought it was going to be. This story is amazing. I could relate to many aspects and I'm not even gay or a drag queen. I highly recommend this book to anyone. ~ Reader review, Fishpond

I found this book very interesting. It shows how narrow-minded and cruel people can be, but also how Skye over came the downward spiral he was on and fought back. I found from Darkness to Diva a very heart warming book. 5 stars! ~ Reader review, Amazon

I just finished reading From Darkness To Diva. Wow!!! You've certainly taken me on a journey! There are so many scenarios in your book that I can compare myself with. Every chapter had me experiencing a different emotion, just like our seasons. I shared many of your opinions and agree totally with you on all levels. I even found myself nodding repetitively till my head was about to drop off and then shout out a 'YES' every now and again, followed by a fist in the air!!! Simple comparisons like watching 'Melrose Place' or listening to "she drives me crazy" made me feel like we had a special bond during events in my life, when I was also living through my ordeals and experiences. Furthermore, you shared your inner most feelings and emotions when you lost your loved ones. I felt as though I was also reliving my losses and the way you have written it and explained it made it all clear!! It's like I lost my voice and you understood my gestures and spoke on my behalf. I hope that makes sense? The final chapter......loved it......loved it 120%. Such heartfelt, positive, nurturing and encouraging words. It's so true there is so much ignorance in the world, but if there are more people like you I think I can relax a little. I thank the universe for introducing me to your book. I wish you all the very, very best! 10 out of 10 gold stars!~ Nadia F, Reader review

Skye’s story is familiar to all of us; we’ve all trodden the same path, or at least part of it, it’s a walk away from hate, despair, fear, loneliness and hurt and into the light of acceptance, brilliance, joy, love and self-acceptance and growth. There’s nothing unique about Skye’s walk into the light, but as she points out, the unique thing is us, each and every one of us and we all walk the same path but end up in such astonishingly different wonderfully empowering places, and that’s the joy of this memoir. Skye is very honest and this brings a tender intimacy to this book, even when talking of pain and distress. The chapters covering Skye’s discovery of the gay world and then the World of Drag are wonderful, exploding with anecdote and colour, bringing an electric zing to the page and I found myself smiling as I turned the page. Skye’s prose is very Australian and I liked this, it’s blunt and to the point but also has that careful weighing of meaning that all Australians seem to have in their speech, they know how to say something. There’s no British evasiveness or self-depreciation and this allowed the Drag Creation that Skye is to be as refulgent, expressive and fun as Skye looks. This also throws into high contrast the startlingly vulnerable and honest asides that pepper this book and keeps reminding us that under the seven feet Majesty of wig, heels, glitter and sequined beauty is a small boy with wide eyes and a heart full of hope. From Darkness to Diva is an empowering tale of overcoming fear and insecurity, with an uplifting message of triumph and the power of good strong love and forgiving and cherishing your birth family, which speaks as much to us as out LGBTQ folk as it does to those of us who are still on the journey to find themselves. ~ Eric Page, GScene Magazine

A truly inspiring story! The heartfelt message instills a valuable lesson about not judging the differences in others. Even through the many difficulties which are encountered along the way, this gripping story highlights the need to be honest and true to one's self. This is an affirming example which shows that it is possible to overcome adversity and celebrate our differences. A must read for those who symbolize the letters in which PFLAG represent. ~ Shelley Argent OAM, National Spokesperson, PFLAG Australia

This is a raw, courageous and uplifting story that you wont want to put down. Although beyond that, most people, regardless of their own sexual orientation, will identify a little of themselves or someone who they know throughout aspects of this journey. Similarly, it parallels with the path that many young people are on, even in this day and age, as they work out who they are and what is truly important to them. This book reiterates the need for our communities, our societies and for the entire world to accept our differences, on our own terms, or risk being surpassed. We are also reminded along the way that we must be genuine with ourselves and live the life we want, without fear of judgement, before it's too late. The powerful message that's delivered is simple: The Sky(e) isn't the limit, it's only the beginning! ~ Roger A. Roberts-Loose, The Global Thinkx2 Initiative

Just like the truth, our own individual LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex) stories will set us free. One of the biggest challenges we face is being able to share our stories in our own words, in our own way and in our own time. Skye's journey is an intensely personal narrative with an important reminder of the challenges so many have faced, and continue to face, on the road to simply being themselves. This captivating journey will resonate with many different people, for many different reasons. ~ Daniel Witthaus, author of 'Beyond Priscilla', Beyond 'That's So Gay' & Founder of the National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE)

It's real. It's honest. It's Skye High's own perilous adventure to discovering and becoming herself. It hasn't been an easy road, but Skye's tale is both compelling and hopeful. We need more empowering stories like this. ~ Matt Akersten, National Editor,