Keys to Atlantis - A Time Travel Action Adventure by Sally Copus

$0.99 on Amazon 10/9-10/12

In the second book of The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair trilogy, Jon and his grandfather Alistair are desperate to return to the twenty-first century. Their space-time ship, however, lacks the antimatter that will enable them to travel forward in time. Realizing that Atlantis holds the information they need, they follow the instructions contained in a letter left by Captain BlackHeart and travel to Crete in the hopes that he can help them in their quest.

Their search soon leads them to Alexandria, Egypt, where Jon faces a harrowing encounter with Horus, the god of the underworld. As BlackHeart copes with desperate challenges of his own, Jon makes a discovery that could be the key to all of their answers—if they can make it to Atlantis!

Will Jon and the others ever find their way to Atlantis? And even if they do, will it hold the antimatter they so desperately need to get back home?

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan will find Keys to Atlantis a family-friendly, fantasy thrill ride that is filled with action, adventure, and death-defying battles.