Make Your Mind a Spa - Non Fiction Meditation Self Help by Kellsie Moore

Make your mind a spa with Meditation! What Meditation is and does with beginner techniques so you can start today! Don't put your mental and physical health off any longer, this book demystifies meditation so that anyone can start the practice and see success right away.

Hi! This is the most important thing you will see today!

This is a very important next few minutes.  I would like you to ask yourself – do you EVER feel stress? Anxiety? Do you have any health concerns you would like help with or any addiction struggles you are working on? Sleep issues, do you struggle with focus or energy during the day?
Anxiety was a big concern for me, when I would get stressed out I had a very hard letting it go or moving past it because I couldn't separate my thoughts from the thing that was stressing me out. And then I found meditation.

I can now, honestly, control and calm down my anxiety to handle the situation rather than let it consume me. I do this with just a few, simple meditation exercises I do throughout the day.
Is better health, a calmer mind, better sleep, better work and family life something you would be interested in?

Your physical and mental health cannot wait; it cannot be put off or seen as non-important. Your well-being impacts every single outcome of your life, if you aren't sleeping, that will negatively affect your work performance, if you’re trying to quit smoking or eating sugar or gluten you need this. If you ever get stressed out you NEED this.

I will show you how with simple, non-intimidating meditation practices you can try anywhere, if you’re at work, out shopping, at a bar it doesn't matter. This will work for you!
Improve your health, learn to handle traffic without getting angry, do better at work, learn to be a better listener, wake up ready for the day.

I took my experience from beginner, knowing nothing about meditation to becoming certified along with expert articles, practical exercises, homework for you to do and compiled it into an easy to read meditation book that will get you started on helping with all of these issues immediately, right now , today.

If you were to attend a live Meditation seminar that would cost you a few hundred dollars and would probably be worth it but not everyone can afford that. Even online classes can be very expensive, what if I were to offer you this insight, knowledge and practice today for not $100, not $20 but $2.99.

Two dollars and 99 cents-

You have NOTHING to lose, give it a try and see how meditation can truly change your life.
Click the  amazon link in the description below and buy the $2.99 ebook right now, it’s a quick read and you can try the exercises today. You deserve to feel better and your health cannot wait- this is the most important thing you can do for yourself.
Start feeling better, right now.