Once a God - The Saga of Jonah Atkins


One of the great things about “Once a God” is that it does not fit neatly into any one fiction category. Instead, this is a novel containing elements of romance, intrigue and action; a saga whose characters come to life and stay with the reader page after page…and beyond.

“Once a God” is a riveting tale, the saga of Jonah Atkins. Haunted by his tragically abusive childhood, Jonah rises nonetheless from the ashes to become one of the world’s wealthiest, most powerful individuals. But ghostly pain from the past collides with present when his beloved infant daughter, Lara, dies unexpectedly, leaving him stoic and withdrawn.

A few months after Lara’s death, horizons brighten when, by chance or fate, he meets the woman who will become the love of his life, Miriam Barkley. For the first time in his life, he experiences the joys of true love; at least until Miriam’s dark past catches up to her. What follows is a story of romance, betrayal and murder, involving high-level politicians, Chicago Union members, southern syndicates and the Mafia; a story that will again reshape the man known to the world as Jonah Atkins...