Portraits Of Dread: A Gallery Of Decidely Evil Short Stories by Michael J. Elliott

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What frightens you? Spiders? Clowns perhaps? Whatever your fear you'll find something to frighten you within this collection.

In MOTHER CALLED TODAY a woman becomes increasingly terrified by phone calls from her demanding mother. Suzie knows why she keeps calling but it's a horrifying secret she cannot share with anyone.

In A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT we visit a society where the overweight and obese have become social pariahs. It is a world where the government strictly controls their food and medical treatments. Failure to loose after three attempts results in them being sent to a detention camp. Lynda Whittaker has just been sent to one such camp and she is about to discover an evil government secret which shows that they still have one final horrifying use for the overweight.

In THE LITTLE MAN ON TOP OF THE WARDROBE Michael J. Elliott takes us back to our childhood fear of the dark. Four year old James has always been good about going to sleep but lately he becomes convinced there is something living on top of his wardrobe. It's something evil and ancient want's his innocence. Only the family dog, Sally, senses there is something wrong. How will a four year old boy save his soul?

These three stories and nine other frightening tales await you within the pages of Portraits Of Dread. Go ahead..you're not scared ..are you?