Queen of the Hollow – a paranormal romance by Jacci DeVera


Sink your teeth into mystical Appalachia, with this paranormal romance, a short read with big cat shifters at a sweet heat level. Readers keep repeating: "A quick read, and a completely unique and interesting take on the romantic paranormal genre."

Calla is a young shifter, the only female within miles of High Lonesome, her small town in southern West Virginia. Her mother has managed to keep her safe from the bounty of mountain lion males in their hills, but now Calla finds herself alone, without a protector, and the moon is full.

Haben is from Costa Rica. He hasn’t been able to get close to Calla since their meeting right around Valentine’s Day a year before. When he shows up at her house, he finds the wounded spit-fire determined for him to keep his distance - despite his instinct to keep her safe.

Calla has to trust an outsider in Haben or fight off every male mountain lion between here and Charleston with just her wits and a shotgun. With sheer numbers against her, the stakes are higher than she knows. And when the fight is over, she has to face the last cat standing as he succumbs to the raging Heat himself.