Cat a Pillar of the New World - A family friendly adventure story by Everett R. Lake

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If you’re looking for an adventurous escape, this story is for you. Within these pages you’ll journey through the South American jungle along with some of Mother Nature’s own little miracles, and experience situations that are unique and could only happen to the animals and insects that call this place their home.

Chapter one is the first day of Cat’s life, a caterpillar with special abilities that change each time he molts. Each subsequent chapter is a new day. You will discover that the story, as well as Cat, matures rapidly after the first few pages.

His wondrous exploits begin early in the story and become more thrilling as it progresses. Even on his first day of life he helps to fend-off a ravenous horde of carnivorous ants to save his newest ant friends’ colony. So, don’t let the mild beginnings lull you into a false sense of safety; the dangers in the jungle are many, and Cat must face each one with quick thinking and a courageous heart.
For those of you who might need more to whet your appetite, I've included the following.

I’ve kept this synopsis short, so as not to list any major spoilers. The following is just a taste of what’s in store for the courageous readers that dare to enter the deep ancient South American jungle with Cat. For those of you who really enjoy the surprises of a new story, you may want to stop reading this synopsis here, and continue straight to the book. For all others, please read on.

Cat’s special abilities include: toxins on his skin to dissuade any mouths wanting to eat him; he can glow a dim or bright yellow to light his way through the darkness; he can direct his light into a beam, like a flashlight; and he can pulse an ultra-bright light to temporarily blind any attacker. He can also use his silk to: swing from bush to bush; weave out a paraglider; bandage a wounded dire wolf; weave out a siphoning hose; weave out a tent to protect himself and his friends from would be assassin flies; create a sticky ground barrier to help defend his friends ant colony, and many more useful little tricks.

Cat makes lots of new friends in his jungle adventures. Adem, Anet and Tina are his leaf cutter ant friends. He spends lots of time with them exploring the rainforest and encountering the dangers of jungle life.

Some of his other friends include: a pack of ancient dire wolves; some golden lion tamarin monkeys; a flock of rainbow macaws; a trio of frogs; a salamander; and an earthworm with an Aussie accent.
The villains are: a saber toothed tiger; a jaguar; a hawk; a couple of harpy eagles; an anteater; a predator fish; a tarantula; a swarm of phorid flies; carnivorous ants, and what maybe invading humans, just to name a few of the baddies that they cross paths with.

Some of their adventures include: rafting a creek; paragliding; flying on the back of a macaw; running from flood waters; exploring a cave system and discovering natural crystalline formations; exploring ancient aztec/mayan ruins; and discovering what might be ancient treasure glittering at the bottom of a pit.

You will not be disappointed if you choose to venture into the heart pounding pages of Cat’s adventures, where every new day is a mystery just waiting for you.
Now, on to the adventure!

Thank you for reading!
Everett R. Lake

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