Stormer’s Pass - a coming of age adventure by Benjamin Laskin

Free - Oct. 27th - 29th!

If you can’t wait for a hero, you must become one.

Star high school quarterback Max Stormer is one season away from scholarships and fame when an extraordinary girl named Aidos strolls out of the surrounding hills of his small mountain town and punts all his plans.

Aidos’ jaw-dropping abilities and enchanting spirit awaken in Max potential he never knew he possessed, but when she mysteriously disappears, a trail of death, sabotage, and intrigue makes Max the target of an all-out manhunt, and America’s most reluctant rebel. To set things straight, Max must find within himself a grit and determination greater than he ever needed to demonstrate on any playing field.

Be he maverick or hero, outlaw or champion, Max is now captain of something much bigger than a football team.

An enthralling adventure about two peoples’ uncommon faith in each other, their friends, and in the magic of courage.