Suddenly, Paris - YA science fiction by Olga and Christopher Werby

Julie Vorov thought her job was to do well in high school and stay out of trouble. She also thought her biggest problem was that she cheated with her best friend's traitorous boyfriend. But in a world where being human is just a matter of programming, everything changes.

What if the world we live in is not all that it appears to be? What if it were a massive computer simulation? How will humans react if the news gets out that we are only clever computer sprites? Will we survive? Other civilizations have not.

Suddenly, Julie finds herself allied with a scrappy group of alien scientists whose own world has already been destroyed. Together, they mount a clandestine effort to stop the Earth from going the same way. And Julie discovers that she’s the pivotal instability in the plans of another group of aliens bent on invasion.

As Julie battles to save everything she cares about, she uncovers secrets about her own origins that shatter the core of her beliefs. And she falls so deeply in love that the most extreme obstacles posed by loyalty, age, gender, species, and parents will have to be overcome.

The fulcrum of the "virtual universe" dilemma rests on the story of Julie as she weighs the questions of identity and love. How does a high school student cope with learning her soulmate, Paris, is an alien -- and that she herself is not who she thought she was? Challenges continue as Julie realizes that Paris comes in many forms. What happens when your soul-mate appears as an old man and an eight-year-old girl? Is it easier that he's also an attractive human guy in his twenties who just happens to be an alien?

Your heart always knows the one you love.

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