The Divine Apprentice by Allen J Johnston

Free October 16 and 17!

For years I have thoroughly enjoyed books that kept me up at night, reading way past the time when I should be sleeping.  I did have to work at 6am so it was not wise to read as late as 2am, was it?  No, but I love books that captivate me so much that I find my heart pounding at the thought of getting that story in my hands again as my eyes devour every precious word of the adventure I am being allowed to join.  I finally hit a point where I could not find a book that would keep me craving to learn more about the characters and story, so what did I do?  I decided to create one of those stories myself.  I dove in and here I am on the fifth book of The Divine Series.
About my book:

I wanted to be unique in the magic I create so I designed a system where the power source is deadly to those that use it.  I call it The Divine.  It's an ancient energy that very few can feel, much less wield.  As time moves on, those that can use this powerful force are slowly dying off.  To make matters worse, there is an unknown hunter that is searching out and killing those that can still channel the Divine.  My main character, Kade, finds himself in as the next target, but with a deadly dragon and a very beautiful Essence Guarding at his side, he may just have a chance at survival.  I do not want to spoil the book for those that want to read it, so I will not give any more details, but for anyone that wants a taste of my style of writing, I would suggest going to Amazon and reading the first few chapters for free or downloading the book for free October 16 and 17.  I have discounted the first book so people can see if they like what they read before diving into a series that will be expanding for years to come.

Allen J Johnston

P.S.  I must give one warning.  My story can be bad for those that have a weak heart and for those that prefer to sleep at night.  Enjoy!

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