Titan Lost - a science fiction novel by Colin Kortekaas

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The year is 2127. A satellite orbiting Jupiter's moon Io has intercepted an alarming message transmitted from a methane mining colony based upon Titan, the largest of Saturn's 62 moons. For reasons unknown, communication has since been severed with the interplanetary-fuel-producing colony. Mack (a contracted problem solver) has just awoken from a three year trek across our solar system, on an imperative mission to...well, solve a problem.

The slow-burning methane fuel produced on Titan is vital for the mining of distant asteroids to acquire their precious resources, which a war ravaged, Ocean consumed, Earth, has become desperately depleted of.

Upon arrival of the desolate moon, Mack soon learns that something has been uncovered, under the moon's abysmal liquid-methane lake, that will change humanity forever, and finally answer the age old question; are we alone in the universe?