Touching Spirits - action adventure by Kevin R. Hill

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A cop tries to escape the violence of his past by moving to a Caribbean beach town and opening a food cart. Living in an abandoned house with a frog residing in the toilet tank, Cody learns of love with the beautiful Clarissa.  As his food cart business blooms, a Mayan text is stolen and Sergeant Cody Brannon is pushed to investigate as bodies turn up around his village. Suddenly strange old Mayas follow him and sit in the weeds outside his house at night. And when men from his past arrive looking for revenge, Cody has to choose between his past and present, love and violence.

I used this village on the Caribbean as a setting because I lived there and love it. I wanted to share with readers the joy I found in this once tiny village, where couples stroll with toddlers around the square, and the ‘clap- clap man’ delivers pastry on an adult size tricycle, and sits before houses and claps to announce his presence. Children buy cola from the tin roof market and the owner pours the contents into plastic bags and the children drink the contents with a straw to avoid the bottle deposit.

Because I witnessed the devastation of hurricane Gilbert, I threw that experience into the mix, described how it washed out the local graveyard and skulls and bones were found among the wreckage. What a lesson it was to hear how my Mayan and Mexican friends were able to pack up in half an hour and flee into the jungle towns for protection, and return to a destroyed house or business, only to laugh at life and start again. Mixed with the suspense are many laughable stories of being a gringo in Yucatan.  I hope you love the village I as do. Kevin R. Hill