Betrayal In The Louvre - A Thriller by HJ Gaudreau  

I love a good suspense novel but the characters have to ring true. Jim and Eve Crenshaw are as real as any set of characters I have ever read. Their strong relationship and comfortable way of communicating with humor, kindness, and love made them a pleasure to get to know. The story drew me in immediately. I loved the way HJ wove the history of the fall of Louis XVI and the French royal family into the plot. Even though you know how their story ends, you are rooting for their young son to survive the revolution. And then you are taken into WWI and the life of a young GI, Jim’s Grandfather, as he struggles to survive in the hell that was the war in France. In an unlikely village, he uncovers a royal treasure that he doesn't recognize but takes back to Michigan where it lays unseen for decades. Jim and Eve find it among old family artifacts and it leads them on an amazing odyssey from Michigan to Montreal to Paris, and finally to that French village and ancient barn where Jim’s grandfather first uncovered this link to the French throne. Plot twist, betrayals and dangerous encounters kept me on the edge of my chair to the climax. Great read – left me wanting more of Jim and Eve and HJ's next book.  - AMAZON REVIEW

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