CHRISTMAS GIFT: Holiday Cheer Hops Here - Christmas Inspirational: Children's & Parents by Stephen Cherokee Drury

Be you an adult or child, can any mortal believe or even conceive Santa does not breathe – just kid dreams or schemes gone wild? Nay, they will forever say, cause good elves know what is at play. One may say he stays only in a kid’s mind, yet truth ye shall find. Sip a tip or more of what is in store behind Christmas Gift’s door:

“Once beneath a Christmas moon, the imps huddled to hear this deer tale to unveil dear Santa’s secret.
So cuddle up to heed huddle scuttlebutt on Clause!
He is not spotted - cause his deer ducks spot flaws, magically scanning homes before Santa will appear. Elves claimed Santa named his deer Holiday Cheer.”

Within Christmas Gift you will find other verses from the author’s thirty year collection to enjoy, in addition to Holiday Cheer Tales. This author is specially drawn to the type of verses that stimulate ideas – thoughts that cause people to reflect on all aspects of life, primarily their own. He likes to emphasize the decisive aspects of  our experience.  In essence, the beginnings and ends to all of our stories are similar. It is that flicker in the middle that differs - yet matters.  It is this writer’s mission to capture life in a brief phrase that kindles minds, sets hearts aglow and dwells in souls.
Readers find Christmas Gift cheery and entertaining. It highlights portions of our lives that touch our deepest feelings at Christmas. This author is a humorist who will set crisp upturns on your smile.

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