Dragonfriend - a rip-roaring fantasy bestseller by Marc Secchia


You know it’s a perfect birthday when you are stabbed by your worst enemy and tossed off his Dragonship. Hualiama is falling from a fatal height near the edge of a volcano when she is plucked to safety by the courageous, lippy dragonet Flicker, who proceeds to take her fate into his capable paws. The stage is set for a most extraordinary friendship.

Hualiama, Princess of Fra’anior, sets off to save her kingdom from the dirtbag who tried to murder her and has exiled her family, one Ra’aba, Captain of the Guard. On the way she befriends a mighty Tourmaline Dragon called Grandion–but beware, people who play with creatures of fire may get burned. Hualiama will flout every law to save her family. Grandion is a draconic rebel. And Flicker is huge mischief in one petite package.

Follow the magical adventures of Hualiama, Grandion and Flicker in this bestselling epic fantasy tale that will have you laughing, crying and scratching your head in disbelief. Awesome dragons, majestic landscapes and pulse-pounding action await!

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