Sebastian's Prize - a scifi suspense by William Dusty

Free November 18-20, 2015!

A routine mission to clear out suspected enemy bases on a remote border sector world turns into a nightmare for Senior Private Alyssa Bretchvelle, who, after being severely injured and rendered unconscious, is carried off by a demented human castaway who sees her as his just reward -- his long-deserved prize -- after having endured years of loneliness. Now Bretchvelle must endure her captors taunts and threats, all while losing hope of ever being rescued.

Back in her unit, meanwhile, her squad leader, Corporal Mitchel Kusniak, agonizes over Bretchvelle’s loss and finds himself desperate in his search for the missing GTS soldier even as their unit prepares to move on without her.

Can Kusniak find Bretchvelle in time? Or will it be her fate to stay behind with Sebastian for the rest of her days?

A part of the Stellar Conflict series of tales.

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