The Kiev Connection – a mystery/thriller by M.A.R. Unger

Forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James attracts corpses like a magnet. Whether she’s walking her dog after a desert rainstorm, driving a sports car through Vegas, or diving in Lake Mead with a search and rescue team, bodies are sure to turn up. Finding human remains in less than pristine condition seems only natural to Matti, given her job. Recent activities within the Russian mob have kept her busy. Unfortunately, her Petrovsky neighbors are known by police to be highly placed within that organization. In fact, Alex Petrovsky is awaiting trial for attempted murder, not just any attempted murder, the attempt on Matti’s life. When two horrific homicides occur near Las Vegas, she learns once more that killers don’t want victims identified. Worse than that, the female victims are mad as hell they’re dead. That’s right. When Matti talks to the dead, they sometimes answer…with unintended results. As Matti works to complete these two reconstructions, she realizes she’d seen one of the victims with her lover. Worse than that, she’d spoken to both women shortly before they were murdered. Did her questions inadvertently cause these Russian hookers to die—or is something more sinister involved? Prepare for a wild ride as Matti investigates with or without official sanction.

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