The Summer of Secrets - a coming of age by Evelyn Smith

The Summer of Secrets - a coming of age by Evelyn Smith

Being a teenager is hard enough without adding money, sex, secrets, and lies to the mix. For ten teenage girls, everything is about to change. This summer will test the boundaries of family, friendship, and even love. For Isabella Garcia, Esther Whitfield, Jane Hayward, Grace Lawrence, and Amanda Bradford, spending the summer apart for the first time since they became friends will give the girl’s secrets time to become discovered.

No one is safe from their own lies and Beverly Hills high school’s most popular girls, a clique that call themselves “The Peaches”. Blinded by revenge and jealous, Charlotte Kensington, her younger sister Patricia Kensington, Lindsay Lexington, Catherine Wellington, and Natalie Richardson discover secrets about each other, the other girls, and themselves. In this heart-wrenching story of betrayal, death, self-discovery, forgiveness, and so much more. These ten girls are living proof that money doesn’t guarantee happiness or a problem free life.

 In fact, all being rich means is that you have to watch who you trust that much more. The choices these girls make will cause them all to be broken down this summer. The story starts in Beverly Hills, California with Charlotte Kensington who is the leader of the most popular clique at Beverly Hills high school, ‘The Peaches’, and Esther Whitfield, her former best friend. Feeling betrayed by her old friend, Charlotte sets out to ruin Esther and her friends’ lives. Trusting no one including her younger sister Patricia, Charlotte hires a private investigator to uncover all of the girl’s secrets.

While she sets out to prove that, she is a force to be reckoned with, Esther tries to keep her new identity and attempts to protect her friends from Charlotte and her posse. Unfortunately, Esther does more harm than good when her efforts to protect one of her four friends backfires. Now alone and with a serious fear of change, Esther struggles to rebuild her life as it once was and adjust to the unavoidable changes of growing up. While Charlotte risks losing more than just a friend with her anger, resentment, and downright distrust of everyone around her.  The two of them along with their friends, struggle to get over the past and redeem themselves for the fast approaching future.

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