The Zephrus - A Young Adult Fantasy by William Hess

Free 11/27/2015 through 11/30/2015!

An evil, black cloaked figure dominates the dreams of sixteen-year old Kuelo Reed. After discovering a severed head in his toilet, a strange old man named Geed, appears in his living room. He convinces Kuelo that he must learn the skills of the earth's elements: fire, wind and water, in order to save his world from the tyranny of Aquarius, slowly transforming Kuelo into a sorcerer.

Once Kuelo collects three precious stones, he can then enter into the realm of Aquarius and stop his evil from spreading. Through the knowledge of Kuelo's new fairy friend, Nava, he is guided through this new world. The situation becomes more dire when his best friends, Cal and Kristi, are kidnapped by Aquarius.

"The Zephrus" is a classic tale of good triumphing over evil. It shows the power of believing in one's self and caring for others as Kuelo fights for his friends and for what is right...before it's too late!

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