Are the Androids Dreaming Yet?: Amazing Brain. Human Communication, Creativity & Free Will by James Tagg

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Are the Androids Dreaming Yet? A book about artificial intelligence and real intelligence.

Towards the end of 2053 computers will match human intelligence. What will happen then? Will they be our friend, or maybe our masters? Steve Wozniak thinks we will end up being their pets rather like the relationship we have with dogs. Humans would be a computers best friend…

Computers already beat us at chess and are much better at math. IBM’s Watson is pretty good at trivia and is now being taught medicine. Is there something humans can do that they computers will never be able to emulate? If you ask someone on the street they will always answer yes but scientists are pretty much of the view that computers will eventually beat humans at everything.

My book explores this idea and explains why there are somethings a computer can not do -- invent, compose, write poetry and exercise free will. But proving this is quite an exercise? The book takes as its starting the work of Roger Penrose on non-computable problems and extends this to show that many things can not be discovered by a computer. The book looks at our understanding of the brain and intelligence, our modern theory of knowledge and some cutting edge physics around the relationship between information, quantum mechanics and relativity. All this stems from the original Turing theory  that not everything is computable and this fact gives a way for free will to emerge from the otherwise deterministic laws of physics.

If you’ve want to understand some  really cutting edge science without it hurting your head too much this is the book for you.