DELCINA'S TREE by Celia Scott

The life of a Jamaican witch woman based on Nanny of the maroons legend, Delcina can conjure the 'tree of life' for those who are dying. This is a short novel of merit that leads the reader over a hundred years of this immortal woman who raises three generations of the Longwoods, a powerful railroad family in Vermont while she brings her family to the U.S. The book traces her life from the blue mountains of Jamaica and her birthplace in Kingston to the green mountains of Vt. Emotional and surreal, compassionate and romantic coming of age, 'Delcina's Tree' leaves the reader spellbound by a magic seedling she found on the beach in a Jamaican cove that gave her a power she could never have imagined! Celia Scott aka SW Laro has written a wonderful tale and created an original island patois to bring his characters to life! 'Evree 'ting gwana be uh'ree mon.'