Fade Route - A Mystery By David Chill


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A local politician is murdered and there's one obvious suspect.  But everything seems too cut and dried for Burnside's taste. While the police quickly pinpoint a likely culprit, Burnside -- the former USC football star turned private eye --  pushes forward into an investigation that reveals more and more possible suspects,  all with their own motives. With little more to go on than his gut feeling, Burnside pokes at everything around him as he tries to untangle a web of deceit that threatens to take down an entire community.

The story is set on the outskirts of Los Angeles, in a seaside town that is both serenely gorgeous and brutally stark. It is a community that is home to the very rich and the very poor, a place that contains more than its share of wealth, sin, beauty and despair.

Fade Route is the second book in the Burnside series, which now spans six novels. Fade Route is a worthy follow up to David Chill's acclaimed first novel, Post Pattern. A sharply crafted story, Fade Route combines all the elements of a classic murder mystery, with biting humor and numerous plot twists. It is a page turner that will keep the reader guessing, until the jaw dropping climax reveals an ending that  is both surprising and satisfying.

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